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Joan_portrait_smallWriting has evolved as my medicine and my muse since that first poem magically poured out of me at age eight. In my 20s, personal journaling became a potent healing tool and has remained with me decades later.

Following my careers as an English teacher and public relations associate writing feature articles and profiles, I created my own business, Write to Heal, to help others transform and empower themselves through journaling. Participants in my workshops range in age from nine to 90. Extensive research now validates the healing power of journaling for the body, mind, and spirit.

Combining the raw material from my years of journaling, along with my poetry and essays, I have written a memoir, Fatal If Swallowed: Reclaiming Creativity and Hope Along the Uncharted Path (see cover at left).  The book describes how to use intuition and other tools all of us possess to create an authentic life. I wrote it as a testimony that one does not have to swallow whatever it is that is toxic, and can choose to trust John Burroughs’ belief, “Leap and the net will appear.” I am delighted to announce the book’s recent publication. Click to purchase paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon..

I invite you to discover writing as your medicine and your muse. Hopefully my blog, radio interview of one hour (click to play, below), and article will inspire you to give it a try!

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– Joan Leof


  1. Nathan Ohren

    Hi Joan! I have some great news! The podcast that you were an expert guest on earlier this year has made it to the finalists list of nominees for “Best” podcast in the category of “Health & Fitness”! Read about it here:

  2. Johanna Rucker

    Hi, Joan,
    I have heard from friends who attended your workshop that it was very good, so I have found you on the web.
    I am a 67 year old woman who has kept journals since age 12. I have taught English composition at Temple and other places. I have worked as a professional writer–newsletters, medical papers and training materials, handbooks and more. I have participated in workshops and even led a few.

    And yet…I seem to still experience resistance regarding writing for publication in a way that I would be identified. Who knows what that is all about.

    I would like to transform whatever that is into energy for actually writing and publishing. I see you have a writers’ group and regular workshops in Wilmington. Do you also work with individuals? I would look forward to speaking with you about all this soon.

    I am using library computers at this point, so if I don’t respond to your email in a timely way that is why.
    I can also be reached by phone at 302 533 6018.
    Thanks, Johanna Rucker

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