Get Naked



“Mr. Duffy lived a short distance away from his body.” James Joyce, Ulysses

Nietzsche tells us we must “come to love our scars.” 

Our inability to feel our “negative” emotions often leads to strokes, heart attacks, and other organic problems. according to Elaine de Beauport in The Three Faces of Mind, our feelings are exercises for the organs of the body just as swimming or running is exercise for the muscles of the body. “We need to practice feelings consciously at least twenty minutes a day to gradually build our emotional strength.”  from Divining the Body: RECLAIM THE HOLINESS OF YOUR PHYSICAL SELF, Jan Phillips

“The other is the “cellular memory” hypothesis, the possibility that our thoughts and desires are somehow lodged in our very tissues. This implies that if our organs are transplanted into someone else, something of our emotional life is transferred along with them, which might be experienced by the recipient. cellular memory is a “cassette theory”—the donated organ is the cassette tape containing the information, and the recipients body is the cassette player decoding and playing it back. The “transplant phenomenon” is being embraced in our culture as something new, but the theme is ancient.” – Larry Dossey, Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind-Body to a New Era of Healing.

For decades I have been telling students in my journal workshops about someone’s theory that the quickest way to access your truths is to write when naked.

I invite you to give it a try. GET NAKED. Get comfortable. Perhaps one of the quotes or questions below will be a springboard for your writing. It doesn’t just have to be about your body, but don’t let your body be a stranger.

What stories do your body, scars, cells hold?

Have you thought of writing to a body part or illness that needs healing? For instance — Dear Migraine, Dear MS, Dear Chubby, Dear Breast 

Is there something stored in your body, mind, heart, soul that you need to own or release in your journal?

Is there a universal truth in your own story that could help others?

Is there a place to share anything that comes up from these prompts?

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