“Saved by a Poem”

Have you ever been saved by a poem — one you’ve written or read? I have — by both!

So has Kim Rosen, as she explains in her book, Saved by a Poem: The Transformative Power of Words. Kim also has written an article for the July/August issue of Spirituality & Health magazine called “The Medicine of Poetry.” In the article she says, “…current scientific research shows that your brain waves, breathing and pulse literally change when you give voice to a poem, opening your mind beyond ordinary thinking. The physical elements of the poem literally create the biochemical circumstances for healing and insight.”

I invite you to think about your history with poetry.

1. If you’ve written poetry, do you remember your first one? What inspired it?

2. What is the last poem you wrote? What inspired that?

3. Do you remember the first poem you ever memorized?

4. Do you have a favorite love poem?

5. If your confidence and creativity for writing poetry were at their peak, what would you write about?

6. If you could hire a great living poet to write a poem as gift from you, what would the poem be about and who would the

recipient be?

7. What poems have comforted — or even saved — you?

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