baretree_thumb.jpgHave you ever had a special relationship with a tree, or group of trees? Think back to childhood and throughout your life.

I have had several significant relationships with trees. Below is a poem  I wrote a couple of decades ago about such an experience. It recently appeared in my memoir.


dance in lace

the treetops


the morning sky

in dark green lace

when the lace

took pause

i snipped

a yard or so

swirled it around

my bare swaying body


to join their dance



1. A relationship(s) you have/have had with a tree (s).

2. A significant relationship you have/have had with any aspect of nature.

3. “In some Native American languages, there is no word for loneliness. The people consider all nature their kin.” Jan Phillips, Divining the Body

Do you relate to any aspect of nature as kin?

4. A healing experience (s) you have had through nature.

5. Make a list of chapters for your autobiography with every chapter relating to an aspect of nature.

6. The aspect of nature that feels most like a metaphor for your experience of YOU.

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