World’s Oldest Newspaper Columnist


“Miss Hemenway began her writing career at the age of 90, and on the 29th of this month she will turn 100. She is probably the oldest newspaper columnist in the United States, perhaps on earth.” This was from an article written about Ruby Henenway in 1984.

It seems fitting since my first blog post, 1/30/12, was about men who began writing when they were in their late 90s and 100, that my first post for 2013 showcases a woman who began her writing career at age 90.

Whether it’s Christy Brown writing his autobiography with his left foot, the only part of his body that he could control, men learning to read and then write their stories in the ninth and tenth decade of their lives, or Ruby taking on a column at age 90, the commonality is the same – when the desire for self-expression is strong enough, neither age nor disability need be an obstacle.

What are YOUR obstacles?


Three things from you inner world that keep you from your writing (i.e. insecurity, fear of exposure, perfectionism).

Three things from your outer world that keep you from writing (i.e. job, family, commitments).

Imagine yourself at 90 or 100 being asked what you regret not having written about. What would that be?

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