I’m delighted to introduce my massage therapist, Mimi Batman.  Mimi (Marie) is a Delaware Licensed Massage Therapist with almost 20 years experience.  Mimi practices in the Wilmington-Delaware area where she has a massage studio near Prices Corner.  She has been trained in many modalities, and blends them to create unique massages tailored to her individual clients.  She also enjoys writing, theater, and hiking with her husband Pete.  If you would like to receive more essays from her, please let her know via e-mail:  batman.massage@gmail.com.

Legacy by Mimi Batman

I am grateful for the legacy of Sally Gwin. I’m not related to her, but I have benefited personally from the oak trees that she had planted on either side of the Grand Boulevard in Greenwood, Mississippi.

There is something about a slow growing oak tree, a special ancient energy that is both soothing and grounding.

I was told the story of how she went up and down the Boulevard (back when it was a dirt road in a cotton field) with a horse-drawn wagon planting oak saplings on either side of what would later become a four-lane road.

She envisioned a four lane boulevard with a median, over-arched with oak trees. And so it became.

As a child I always knew we were close to Oma’s house when we turned onto the Grand Boulevard which was flanked by oaks so large that even as an adult I can not wrap my arms around them. Reaching for the sky, arching over the street to touch the leaves of the oak opposite them, they created a long, cool tunnel of trees. I loved those oak trees. They shielded us from the expansive, flat, hot, empty Mississippi Delta. The tree reaches down through the earth with her roots. They ground her, keep her from blowing over in harsh winds. Her roots balance her and nourish her with the minerals of the earth.

My roots: my toes. My toes keep me balanced. Spread out, they hug the earth beneath me. They push off when I jump or run. Toes feel warm in warm socks as they navigate soft cushy carpet. Toes feel cold on cold stone as they navigate the dark of night. Toes feel happy in the sunshine in sandals free from the confines of winter boots. Toes are essential, but usually forgotten.

My grandfather only had 3 toes on his right foot. He showed me. I was told by my mother that he had shot himself in the foot to get out of the trenches in WWI. He was a ninth grade  German boy and they’d pulled him out of school, desperate for soldiers to fight Germany’s hopeless war.

He sacrificed a few toes to get out of the trenches. He knew what was important and what wasn’t . Our roots, our foundations, are not only our own toes, but the toes of those who came before us. Their decisions and inactions brought us to this place. We look back, we look forward. We are here because of them. The future will rest on our choices (and lack of choices) today. What is your legacy? Who in the past has shaped your family today? Who’s lives have impacted yours?

What is your legacy to future generations? Who’s lives will you impact? I choose a legacy of peace. I choose truth, health and vitality in my life and the life of those who are influenced by me.  When relationships are difficult, and decisions are hard I have to remind myself that I’m not just fighting for myself, but for people I don’t even know yet.


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