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Why I Chose the Matryoshka Symbol

The Russian Matryoshka doll opens in half, right in the middle of the abdomen. Inside her is another doll that opens in half. Inside that one, another. Many dolls open in half until there are no more. The innermost remains whole. My father was born in Russia and I have been exploring my many selves …

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I’m delighted to introduce my massage therapist, Mimi Batman.  Mimi (Marie) is a Delaware Licensed Massage Therapist with almost 20 years experience.  Mimi practices in the Wilmington-Delaware area where she has a massage studio near Prices Corner.  She has been trained in many modalities, and blends them to create unique massages tailored to her individual clients.  …

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Congratulating Linda Hall

I’d like to congratulate Linda Hall, a former journal student of mine. Her story, “The Miracle Lady,” has just been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miraculous Messages from Heaven. Writing has always been a major force in Linda’s life, sometimes in the foreground, sometimes the background. Following her husband’s death five years ago, she has …

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100 Word Flash Memoirs

Anyone can write 100 word flash memoirs. Just remember one punctuating life-moment. It could be 20 years ago, or just yesterday. Perhaps something painful, perhaps blissful. Then, be in that moment, and write a few lines. Thanks to Joan Leof and some Twitter friends, I’m re-inspired to get back into my memories, and start writing …

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Up on the Roof

Today I feature a second guest post by a Brandywine Writers’ Circle member, TCDavis.  Tom grew up in Wilmington, as this post will reveal.  He’s a photogapher, as well as a writer.  A photo of his heads the post, which is entitled, “Up on the Roof”. I ran in the Y this morning, around the …

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What a Veteran Discovered About Himself Upon Returning to Vietnam

For this post I’ve invited a friend to guest write.  Tom Davis (known as TCDavis on the internet) is a retired pastor, interfaith peacemaker, and my Web guru.  Take it away, Tom! — Joan ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Thanks Joan, for the opportunity to post here. About a year ago I joined a group of writers convened by Joan.  We meet …

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Have you ever had a special relationship with a tree, or group of trees? Think back to childhood and throughout your life. I have had several significant relationships with trees. Below is a poem  I wrote a couple of decades ago about such an experience. It recently appeared in my memoir.   dance in lace the …

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World’s Oldest Newspaper Columnist

“Miss Hemenway began her writing career at the age of 90, and on the 29th of this month she will turn 100. She is probably the oldest newspaper columnist in the United States, perhaps on earth.” This was from an article written about Ruby Henenway in 1984. It seems fitting since my first blog post, …

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Your Hero (es)

Decades ago I read My Left Foot, the memoir of Christy Brown. As Reid Gagle says on an online site —  “Christy Brown is a spastic quadriplegic born to a large, poor Irish family. His mother, Mrs Brown, recognizes the intelligence and humanity in the lad everyone else regards as a vegetable. Eventually, Christy matures …

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“Saved by a Poem”

Have you ever been saved by a poem — one you’ve written or read? I have — by both! So has Kim Rosen, as she explains in her book, Saved by a Poem: The Transformative Power of Words. Kim also has written an article for the July/August issue of Spirituality & Health magazine called “The …

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