“Write to Heal with Joan Leof has been one of the richest experiences I’ve had in recent years — getting together, writing away and sharing with others in the group. Under her creative leadership, the time just flew by. Our men’s group, which met on a monthly basis for a year, was a growing time for all of us, from different walks of life. We were brought together by a common desire to see what’s inside, and live deeper, richer lives. Joan helped us to let thoughts and feelings flow out onto the page without concern for form or style. We focused on the real stuff that bubbles inside. I highly recommend Joan’s writing groups!”  V.T.

“Joan is an incredibly spiritual teacher, a creative spirit with an old soul. Intuitive, honest, spunky, ad funny. She has been gifted with the blessing to teach, but not just English or writing. She teaches people to be honest with themselves. Sharp. Witty. Modest. Intelligent. Hopeful. Blessed.”  S. E.

“Joan does a fabulous job providing a wide array of materials and sources to delve deeper into journaling. She has a relaxing demeanor which facilitates the journaling process.” P.H.

“When I read Joan’s book I was astonished by the poignancy of her struggle not only to survive but to fluorish. She has done both. Bravo! I celebrate her spirit that would not give into despair. I too have been through the wilderness, and come through to a clearing, a place to say Amen, and “let’s get on with it!” I celebrate in Joan an obvious gratitude for life itself, and her calling to share what she has learned along he way of sorrow. I celebrate in her a gentleness and restraint, not to impose her own strategies for survival and renewed strength upon other strugglers, but to listen expectantly with them for their own wee small voices crying to be recognized and honored.” TCD


“I met with Joan one-to-one for about a year, and she helped me tremendously through the difficult time of my sister’s illness and then through the grief process after my sister died. Joan was always adept at finding specific journaling styles that were helpful. Before each session, we would talk about what I had going on, and I would write, and then we would process what I wrote. I was eager to continue with personal journal writing between sessions. Joan is compassionate, intuitive, creative, and very knowledgeable about the healing process of journaling.  She has a passion for her work which shines through. I wanted to share her enthusiasm for writing with others. A small group of close friends and I met weekly with Joan for a month. All of us found it to be a wonderful growth experience. I invited Joan to facilitate a workshop for professional counselors which was very well received  A.D.

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